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You can help give this hands-on musical experience to kids.

All kids deserve hands-on musical experience in school.  But when schools face budget cuts, the opportunities can disappear. Holly's Harps is an award-winning program bringing hands-on music experiences for all kids in a school, regardless of the financial situation of their family or their school.

You remember how much hands-on musical participation meant to you in school. You already know the incredible joy of simply making music with real instruments. You already know that music learning contributes to kids' abilities across the academic curriculum and in the social environment. You know this because you experienced it as a child. You value the same hands-on musical opportunities for children today.

You can help sponsor a program. You can even request a program at a specific school or other location! Every child attends multiple sessions. Every child plays songs on a real harp, right in their own school. No extra driving for parents. No extra fees for families.

The curriculum meets state standards in music, science, math, social studies, and language arts. Students learn with real harps in their hands.

How is my gift used?

Every gift goes directly to support programs (not administrators). Your donation goes a long way. For example, in Greater Cincinnati:

  • $48 sponsors 50 kids for "The Science and Math of Harp Music" during a Holly's Harps residency.
  • $83 sponsors 60 primary children in hands-on harp workshops. 
  • $745 sponsors a whole school.

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Phone: (513 area code) 389.0397  Email: hollys-harps@gmail(dot)com 

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You can do something wonderful right now!

Help more kids experience the joy of making music with 30 real harps.  Give the gift of this award-winning learning program to the next generation.

Or, sponsor a community program for families or senior citizens.  Remember, you are invited to indicate a specific school, library or senior center. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call. Note: Holly’s Harps is a program of Lyrica. The name Lyrica will appear as the recipient of your gift.


Can I request a program in a particular school?

Absolutely!  Please call, email us, or use the contact form on this page.

Do I get a tax deduction? 

Yes! Your donation is tax deductible. Holly's Harps is a program of Lyrica, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS.  We are happy to send a letter for tax purposes.  

Who sees my credit card information?

Your card information is secure and is never seen by us.

How can I donate?

You can make your gift with credit card, Paypal or a check payable to Lyrica. Our mailing address is:

Lyrica and Holly's Harps
PO Box 53904
Cincinnati OH 45253

What are your credentials?

Holly's Harps is on the artist-in-schools roster for Ohio Arts Council, Cincinnati Arts Association, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, and United Arts. We have won awards for our unique and extraordinary hands-on music education program, and even an award for teaching science! Learn more about our credentials here

May I request a program in a particular location?

Yes, you can sponsor special programs for senior citizens, or any of our community programs. Learn about community programs for adults here. Email or call us about your wishes:  hollys.harps@gmail(dot)com
(513 area code) 389.0397

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